Crochet Bikini Top- Why Women Love Them?

We didn’t anticipate that this day would come this soon, but crocheting is super cool again – not a grandma-past time anymore. Acceptance of crocheting by millennials and tagging it as a cost-effective DIY activity is one of the main reasons why crocheting is sweeping the fashion and hobby scene! Just think about, why buy it when you can make one? Well, there are pacts against crocheted clothing but, that isn’t our debate, at least not today. Today, we place

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Wear a crochet bikini top to make a style statement

Shopping for the perfect beachwear can be quite overwhelming, mainly because of the options available. You get tops that come with built-in bras, tops that have underwire and curved cups, tops with straps, tops without straps, small ones, big ones – you name it, and it will be available on the rack. It is true that some tops will look great on one body type but not so much on the other, so you end up trying on more than

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