Micro Bikini Review

Micro bikini

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Today, we are going to review one bikini type that has been making the wave in the fashion industry. That is the micro bikini. We are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wearing such Micro bikini for my readers to be able to decide whether to get one or not.

To start off, let us define, what a micro bikini or microkini is. Micro Bikini is your super short bikini pair or swimwear. This type of bikini is skimpy that it has only enough fabric to cover your body. The portions that connect the piece of clothing or fabric are often strings or wires that are just enough to hold the fabric in place. In a comparison point of view, The noticeable difference of the micro bikini from your regular ones is the extremely shortened lengths of the fabric and the materials used.

Now, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of donning a micro bikini.


1. Flaunt that beautiful body.

Other Bikinis can also showcase your body figure but a micro bikini will for sure top the list. For women who are very outgoing and wants to flaunt their beautiful body that they worked hard for. Micro bikini will surely get you the attention you need.

2. Easy to Maintain

Since a micro bikini only has very little fabric used, this also means that you have minimal effort to keep the bikini in its best shape.

3. Different Designs

The micro bikini will showcase different designs and forms of fabric that covers the breast area. There are the rectangular shape, triangular shape and a rounded piece of material that covers the breast. You will notice that other bikinis have these type of designs as well, but with the micro bikini, all are made in small sizes.The bottom piece will range from an ultra skimpy material that covers the front and some micro thongs and g-strings at the back.

4. Get that awesome Tanned skin.

Since wearing a micro bikini will put a woman’s skin in A maximum exposure than your regular bikini, we should expect a better overall tanned-skin and minimal tan lines.


1. High level of Skin Exposure.

As stated above, the level of exposure is high when you wear a micro bikini. You are at a greater risk of getting sunburnt (when you go out prepared in this bikini, you will, on the other hand, get that perfect tan) when you go out there without sun skin protection such us body cream or lotions that have a high level of sun protection factor.

2. Suitability of being worn in public.

People share the same space when we go out to the beach during summer vacations or spring breaks. Considering the fact stated above, the beach or the pool is not only shared between adults. There are children as well. Donning a micro bikini top for sure will raised eyebrows from those conservative women and as well from those who are concerned about what their children are going to say.

3. Be ready to get judged.

More often than not, women are judged based on appearance. Not only, just the physical Micro Bikiniaspects such as hair, skin, and body type but also of what clothes they wear in general. Someone who wears an ultra skimpy swimwear such as a micro bikini will be the topic of the town. People will talk good or bad about you. If you can’t handle that idea, then this type of bikini is not for you.


Considering the outlined advantages and disadvantages of wearing a micro bikini, you can now decide whether to get one or not.

Just remember that swimwear in general needs to provide support, comfort, and style. Whether you choose to wear a regular bikini, crochet bikini top or a retro bikini, or wear a micro bikini for a change, as long as it provides you comfort, support the type of body you have, then you should go for it.

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