Learn How to Make a Crochet Bikini Top

how to crochet a bikini top

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Crochet bikini tops are very trendy these days. You would know of at least one person who has a whole collection of these tops. The thing is that these tops are very comfortable for wear and are made from a breathable material, so you don’t feel too hot or sweaty during the day or at the beach.

Although the cost of these tops is quite reasonable, it would still be fun if you knew how to make them yourself. Yes, the process of making these tops can be time-consuming, but the result will be beautiful and especially cherished as you stitched it for yourself.
To help you get started, we have made a complete guide on how to start your first DIY crochet bikini top. Be ready to flaunt your top in front of others while looking and feeling great.

Things You Need

Before you begin, you will need a few things. Make sure that these are ready and by your side so that you do not have to stop in the middle of the project to get anything.

You Will Need: how to crochet a bikini top

1. 4 mm crochet hook to make the crochet bikini top.
2. A ball of yarn which is thick enough to be easily used with the hook. Also, make sure you have enough of the same yarn to complete the entire project. You will need to check your size first and decide how much of it you will require.
3. A stitch marker to help you join the pieces together.
4. Scissors to cut off the yarn and extras hanging out of place.

Things You Should Know

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you take up the project:
1. You will need to define the size you want to make.
2. The guideline below is for a small sized top.
3. You can adjust the size by increasing the number of chain stitches:
a. For a small size, you will need a chain of 11 stitches.
b. For medium, you will need 15.
c. For large, you will need 20.
Steps for Making a Crochet Bikini Top
Keep reading to understand how to start your first DIY crochet bikini top.

Make the Cups First

how to crochet a bikini topIt’s easier if you start off with making the cups as they are the biggest and major part of the top. Start off with a slip knot which includes a chain of 11 stitches. After that, you will need to make the second chain with a single crochet using the hook. You will then need to make one single crochet in the eight chains that are left. Make sure that your single crochet stitches are 10. Once you have completed the chain, you will have to fine-tune the work.

Using the hook, start your second single crochet into the first one and work one of them into the other seven remaining. In the last stitch, you will need to add two single crochet stitches and keep the stitch marker in the second one. Add one more into the same stitch so that you will now have three in the last stitch of the row.
Add one single crochet in the remaining ten stitches and total; you should have about 22 stitches in single crochet.

Keep on doing this until you have reached your cup size. You will now chain one and turn it. Keep on adding only one single crochet into the ones that are there until you reach the stitch marker. There, you will add three single crochets in just one simple stitch. Make sure to keep the marker in the second single crochet stitch so that you remember where you will need to increase the subsequent row. Add one more single stitch in the single stitches that are left in the opposite direction.

You will repeat the same for the second cup and make sure you do not cut off the yarn ball. Now, work one more single crochet in the remaining stitches running under the bottom of the cup.

You will now insert a hook into the side of the first cup and make a single crochet with the yarn ball (which is still attached to the second cup); this will join the two cups together. Keep on working with one single crochet in all the stitches at the bottom of the cup.
Now you will chain two and turn. Start adding one double crochet into all the single crochet of the last row. Continue doing so until you reach the size of the top you want. You will now bind off.

Binding Off

Your yarn needs to stay attached; stick it to the right edge before the double ones start. Chain off 150 here and bind off. You have to do the same on the other side and bind off when completed.
On top of the cups, attach the yarn and make a chain of 70 and bind off. Repeat on the other cup. Cut off and sew any tails left.

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