Crochet Knit Boho Beach Halter Bikini Review

Crochet Knit Boho Beach Halter

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Summer time means getting your body ready for the beach, and when you work hard on getting the perfect beach body, you want to flaunt it as well. For doing that, you also need to make sure that you wear the right type of swimwear, one that complements your figure.

There are different types and styles of bikinis that are trending right about now, but one of the best ones that are making a comeback is crochet bikini top. These tops are known to be breathable due to their material and also quite comfortable to wear.

One of the most loved products is the Crochet Knit Boho Beach Halter Bikini, the design of this product is unique, and it looks great on almost any body type. The product is available online at an affordable price and is hand knitted which adds to its value.
So you don’t have to, we tried the product ourselves and are quite satisfied with it. The product was able to convince us to add it to our most-used section of the closet.



The bikini has been made by the best quality cotton which also falls in the purified cotton category. Cotton makes this top highly durable and long lasting that it will last a few good washes. It also is very comfortable to wear, and you will be able to feel the breeze through it which means lesser sweat for you. I felt good wearing this product and I lasted through the entire hot day.

Hand knit

The best part about this product is that it is the result of someone’s hard work. It has been knit by hand using crochet needles which mean that a lot of effort and dedication was put into each piece so that they turn out perfect, which they did. Wearing the crochet top has made us feel attractive and chic all through out the day.

No lining

A disadvantage that you will face with this top is that it does not come with a lining. Since it is a crochet item, it means that there will be spacing between the stitches, which will make your body visible. You can choose to wear a lining with it, but it would just make you feel hot, adding that extra layer. The second best option is to get nipple stickers and use those under the bralette.


Finding the right size in this product may also be an issue for some; this is because it is only available in one size which is 66 to 88 cm (under bust girth). The size will technically fit people who wear extra small, small or medium sizes. If you are smaller or larger than that size, it is recommended that you do not get the product as you will not be able to get it adjusted or exchanged for a different size. From our experience, if you wear larger, the bikini will not fit well or give the form or comfort you are looking for.


Yes, we agree that this product would look great in different colors, but sadly it is only available in one color, that is white. You can get the top dyed later if you want, but that may not give you the desired result. 


Keep in mind that this is an unbranded product. But still, the quality and the style are commendable. We would highly endorse this product to anyone who is looking to stand out and look glamorous in a crochet bikini top. It is long lasting, durable, and also comfortable to wear so it should tick mark almost every box on your swimwear list.


We’re going to go into a little detail about the design of the product so that you have a

Crochet Boho Beach Halter Top

Crochet Boho Beach HalterTop from

clear idea about the top. If you are wondering which occasion you can wear this top to then, please note that this is more of a casual bikini, the sort that you can wear to the beach every day.

The pattern of the material used to knit the product is solid; only pure white cotton yarn was used to make it. Also, it does not come with any sleeves. However, it does have some extended pattern below the two cups which can cover at least half of your torso. The bikini has been hand knitted in China.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a crochet product that you can wear every day, then you should consider this product as it is the complete package deal. It has received a lot of positive feedback and is also a fast selling product so make sure that you grab yours as soon as possible. Click “here” to see the product.

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