Crochet Bikini Top- Why Women Love Them?

Crochet Bikini Top

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We didn’t anticipate that this day would come this soon, but crocheting is super cool again – not a grandma-past time anymore. Acceptance of crocheting by millennials and tagging it as a cost-effective DIY activity is one of the main reasons why crocheting is sweeping the fashion and hobby scene! Just think about, why buy it when you can make one? Well, there are pacts against crocheted clothing but, that isn’t our debate, at least not today. Today, we place focus on all the cute crochet bikini tops models are donning.
The interesting part is that these crochet bikini tops aren’t just becoming famous because of models but because we are seeing more women rocking these tops at beaches and even malls! What makes women embrace and love the crochet tops? Why are big brands adopting these bikini tops?

Crochet Bikini Top

Crochet Bikini Top patterns for women. Credits:

1. Matches your Boho-chic style

With the right accents and accessories, a Bohemian-chic style stands out, and with the attention, you’ll get, you will thank this hippie-style for making you a Mary-Kate Olsen look-alike. A Boho crochet bikini top is a representation of your frugality, free-spirited nature, love for art and music.
It is a great relief knowing that you can pull that Boho-chic style with little effort noting how simple but sophisticated the tops look.

2. Creative designs

A crochet bikini top lets you pull more than a Boho-chic fashion style. If you have been wondering why the crochet tops are becoming famous, then you should shift your focus to the versatility of the crocheting styles. Designers and anyone who can hold a crochet can come up with a unique design, and you will soon realize that there are few copycats on the market.
Thanks to this creativity, you can wear your crocheted bikini top to the beach and be the only one wearing it in that unique design. You can have the top in different colors, patterns, and cuts. You can also incorporate embellishments of your choice.
Because of the edginess of the bikini top and the fact that there is a crochet bikini tip for every body type, the tops have hit the catwalks. Renowned designers are competing with local designers to come up with the best tops and to sell them.

3. Cost

Disclaimer: There are two ways to look at this; expensive or cheap! If you are buying the bikini top from a high-ranking designer who shakes the fashion industry, then be ready to spend several hundred bucks. That is because you’ll be buying from a line.


Crochet Bikini Top

Crochet Bikini top pattern Credits:

On the other hand, when buying a crochet bikini to rock in the pool or the beach from a local vendor, then you will get one at a great bargain. The tops are affordable for most.
If you can crochet, then, you know that the top is one of the cheapest fashion items you can come up with. You can personalize it to fit your way of style. All you need is a crocheting hook, yarn, and a warm/ comfortable couch. It doesn’t feel like work! For the best bikini top, you have to use the highest quality yarn. You may even turn this hobby into a side-hustle selling your exotic styles locally to friend or online to both the local and the international market.
As mentioned above, there are two ways to look at the crochet top for bikini wear depending on the size of your pocket. The bikini tops are available and affordable, especially in online stores.
Keep a mental note of the following – crocheting is pretty easy, easier than dancing and you have many online crocheting tutorials at your disposal.

4. They are handmade – a chance to appreciate raw human talent

While technology makes us appreciate all that the human brain can conceive, we often forget what human brains and the hands can come up with, with or without the help of technology. Crocheting is an art that has been around for centuries but, it wasn’t until recently that we started to see the amazing pieces of art made through crocheting. One of these pieces is bikini tops, swimsuits, and shorts.
We love that crocheted bikini top because an artisan’s skill put it together. There aren’t any discoveries for crocheting machines yet!

5. No, they are not hole-y 

Contrary to what most people think, high-quality crochet bikini tops aren’t hole-y, well,

unless you are looking for a hole-y one! The best tops have bikini lining that prevents them from being seeing through tops and the devil’s advocate for mosaic tans.

If you are wondering which lining you should consider of getting the ultimate non-holey feeling, you should get one with a lycra lining. This lining will prevent nip visibility. If you are wearing a complete crochet bikini, the lining will tuck away errant pubic hairs poking through your bottoms. You should always shave though to avoid such embarrassing situations.

6. They are trendy

It doesn’t matter if you follow trends or not. Crochet tops never disappoint, and this is why

Crochet Bikini Top


they are never really out of fashion. Don’t you believe us, ask your grandma about what their coolest bikini wear was. You guessed it, the crocheted bikini top will rule for many years, so, you can always wear one in summer without worrying that it is so-last-year!

7. They are perfect for your Instagram photos

Who are we kidding? Instagram is here to stay! If you are looking for a little ego boost, you can take a picture of your hot bod while donning a crochet bikini top. And, even when you don’t want to share it, take a beautiful photo just for keeps. Frame it and let the memories of your bikini top live on for years.


Considering the number of risqué crochet bikini top patterns and designs online and the ones you can come up with, you have no excuse for not getting yourself a pair or two. Women love these bikini tops because they are affordable (if you know where to look or if you can make them), they are fashionable, trendy, comfortable, and yes, they bring out the best in almost all women. They are also exotic and the yarn used doesn’t cause allergies.

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