Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

cheeky bikini bottoms

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Influential fashion companies have released different bikini bottoms for their consumers. In line with that, various types of bikini bottoms such as Hipster Bikini, High-Waisted Bikini, High-Cut Bikini, Boy Shorts, Classic bikini and Cheeky bikini have been available for purchase from top fashion websites and stores. We have different types of bikini bottoms as I mentioned but for today, I will be talking about cheeky bikini bottoms.

What is Cheeky Bikini Bottom?

This type of bikini bottom has a regular triangular cut in the front, and the behind has fabric not too small like thongs but not too wide like your classic bikini. To have a better mental picture, it is somewhere borderline between a thong and your classic bikini bottoms.

Why should I wear cheeky bikini bottoms?


If you have been working out for the best butt shape and too conservative to wear a micro bikini or a thong, then the cheeky bikini is for you. This type of bikini bottoms accentuates the shape of your behind. If a classic bikini bottom and micro bikini have a love child, it is the cheeky bikini bottoms. In this type of style, there is just enough sexiness and conservativeness.

You will get a better tancheeky bikini bottoms

If you want to have a better tan on the buttocks area, yet too conservative to wear a g-string, you may opt to wear a cheeky bikini bottom. There is enough skin exposed when you are wearing a one compared to the classic bikini, and as a result, a better-tanned skin is expected. Who wants to move around with white buttocks and the rest is perfectly tanned? I guess, no one.

Look Slimmer

Cheeky bikini bottom will make you look thinner compared to wearing a diaper type of bikini that covers your entire gluteal area. I said that because the more skin you expose in the buttocks area, the slimmer you look. That argument is not always correct though. A bikini that covers your entire gluteal area will make you look like wearing a diaper while the cheeky bikini bottom that shows just enough skin and leaves some of the buttocks skin exposed will make anyone who wears it look thinner.

In my opinion, seeking to be slimmer in a cheeky bikini bottom will not hurt at all.

Cheeky Bikini Bottoms are the new trend.

cheeky bikini bottomsTop celebrities out there wear the cheeky bikini bottom to their beach getaway making this bikini a new fashion trend for their followers.

What is funny about this is that some of the fans posted some pictures while they are at the beach with their so-called cheeky bikini bottoms. I said so-called because they are wearing  regular or classic bikinis with the fabric pulled up a little bit for them to look like they were wearing cheeky one. The netizens advised some of the followers just to purchase a real cheeky bikini bottom instead so they don’t have to pull the fabric up from time to time.


Where do we purchase this?

There are different online stores out there where we can buy cheeky bikini bottoms. I use eBay and Amazon for my online shopping because sellers there offer good and reliable products at a friendly price. You may also want to check out Victoria Secret  store or Forever 21.

I will just summarize the reasons while you should get or at least try wearing a cheeky bikini bottom to you next swimming getaway.

1. Talk of the town as it is a new trend.
2. Get a better-tanned skin
3. Look sexier.
4. Look Slimmer.

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