5 Reasons to Wear a String Bikini

String Bikini

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Love wearing bikinis in the summer but hate how they pinch at every little part of your body? A string bikini may be just the thing you are looking for.

Sure, there are tons of places to find useful tips and tricks for buying the right bathing suit for your body type, but for those who are not worried about bearing it all, all you want to learn about are the best bikinis out there! For the ladies who enjoy two piece bikini sets for the summer time to maximize their sun exposure and wow factor, a string built bikini is the best option for these following reasons:

1. Smoke & Mirrors: String Tied Bikinis do not Pinch at any Fat

• Because the sides of bikini bottoms on string tied bikinis can be adjusted, there’s no need to be worried about your sides bulging out due to a tight fitting bikini bottom; you can adjust the sides to your liking.

• Same goes for the top of your bikini, where a bra-like bikini top does not leave much room for adjustment, the string tied bikini top allows you to secure your top at your desire; which means you can enhance cleavage or go for a more natural look.

2. Accessory Jackpot: The Strings Are Usually a Different Color than the Bikini

• Most often, the string portion of string tied bikini is made with a different colored material than the body of the bikini, which maximizes the styling options! You can accessorize with either the main color or the string color.

• This aspect can turn a boring suit into something that will grab attention, whether you are on the beach or at the lake.

3. Ageless Fashion: String Bikinis are Always in Style

In addition to the benefits shown above, a string tied bikini is, in fact, a summer trend that String Bikinirecurs every single year. Since bikinis, in general, are such a commodity during the summertime, they do not ever go out of style – the style simply keeps reinventing itself to suit the needs of the consumer. Specifically this year, white is a highly anticipated shade. If you are in need of a new bikini for this summer, be sure to pick up a solid white string bikini and accessorize it with an over-sized sun hat which will add a glamorous touch to a simple concept.

4. String Bikini is adjustable

The string bikini is very versatile that you can just adjust the strings for the bikini to fit you well. There are other bikinis that you can purchase for your next summer getaway such us the classic bikini and micro bikini, but if you opt to be in control about fit, then you should go with the string bikini.

5. Easy to maintain

String Bikini is easier to maintain and last longer compared to other bikini types out there. You need to ensure that you wash your string bikini right after every use to remove the dust, chemicals such chlorine and other dirt from the fabric. Though you have not used the bikini under water, you need to ensure that you get it clean.

Final Thought

So remember, if you’re one of the lucky people who have no qualms about their figure and would rather show it off than hide it (although we should all embrace what we’ve been given!), the string tied bikini is truly a timeless fashion statement that you can reinvent over and over, season after season. 

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